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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Advice: My Favorite Food Stops

When I have time to really go all out- I go around to many different locations to buy up my food items.  Below is a list of my favorite places and why:

For Raw Meat:
Definitely, hands down, Boucherie Centrale on 2 rue Grenette in the 2ème arrondissement.  Ran by a father-son duo in a tiny little open shop the quality of the meat is very high.  I ordered a deux tranches de Mortadelle for a snack and it had the most amazing taste.  Their products are high quality and always delicious as well as 'normal' in price.

For Cheese:
At the marché st. Antoine:  On Saturdays at the marché st. Antoine on the quai there is a laitière and fromage vendor who sells the best products I've ever tasted... I don't remember the name but it's near the end of the market towards the North side, one of the last cheese sellers... they have a crême fermière that tastes like a buttery creme fraiche.  Try also their fromage chèvre cremeux.  Their eggs are also produced from 'les poulets heureux'... and for only 1.40 e for 6 eggs.
At a Fromagerie on 54(ish) rue de la Charité in the 2ème: My other favorite cheese place, they have many Lyonnais cheese specialties- such as the St. Marcelin for only 4 euro.

For Bread:
Le Garçon Boulanger on 37 rue de la Charité makes the best baguette I have ever eaten.  Made freshly every day, each baguette is different than another and they are often tossed into a pile in a basket.  They are specialized in levain and bio products- for the same price as other boulangeries.

For Veggies:
Either the marché, or I go to Bails Distribution in the 7ème... they are the suppliers for most restaurants in Lyon and the quality is very high.
For Spices:
Definitely Cap Epices on 39 rue de la Charité, just walking in is like getting into a haven of spices.  The owner is very kind and knowledgable on the product and the prices are cheaper than grocery stores with a better selection.  They have any kind of spice you can think of, spice mixes available in store and teas.

For Staples:
Such as canned foods, milk, etc, I usually purchase from the U-Express on 28 rue de la Charité- as their prices are normal and not reflected at "city prices".

For American/British Products:
Easy... Little Britain in the 6ème.  They have a variety of foreign items, especially the ones that I tend to crave (such as Dr. Pepper or Wheaties).  Great stop for vegetarian items as well.

For Wine:
It's not the most luxurious place in Lyon, but I really love Bons Vins de France... it's sort of a mix between the round toothless guy and the fact I can buy a litre of their homemade product for only 1.40 euro.. love it.

For Frozen Foods:
Obviously, Picard, who is a national chain that creates high-quality frozen items at moderate prices.  It's like walking into a frozen food paradise.

For Exotic Foods:
Any of the asian markets in Guillotière has cheap rice, cheap coconut milk and high quality imported goods at a cut of the prices.

That about wraps it up for my food places- it's quite a list... but I love shopping for fresh 

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