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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Advice: Sushi in Lyon

It's been quite awhile since I've been able to pound out a post- the start of classes, hours of work and my 8 students I tutor have been a bit of a work load; but now I have a bit of time to discuss a subject I find.. well.. gastronomically important.  Sushi.

I love sushi, in the United States I would eat sushi at least once a week at a little 'rolling' stop that had cheap (buck a plate) and delicious sushi.  In France, the sushi culture is still a thing of 'haut culture' so it tends to be more on the expensive side, and even more so sushi is usually ran by Chinese owners- so the quality tends to be different if not mauvaise. Chez moi the sushi joints are usually owned by Japanese or Koreans- which tend to have a more similar culture than the Chinese... but nonetheless I researched.

I've been doing lots of research and here's what I've found for sushi in Lyon at moderate prices:

Sushi King at Le Part-Dieu
Most reviews about this place said that it's not le meilleur but it satisfies the craving for sushi if needed for less expensive than the fancier places.  Tends to be between 4-6 euro for a plate of 6 maki rolls, still not the cheap U.S. prices, but affordable.

Gochi at the 2ème arr.
Gochi has gotten the highest reviews for the most affordable price, their lunch menu is 11.80e and comes with 6 plates roulant or rolling.  The best price is their menu à volonté for only 16e; which means unlimited sushi plates for less than 20 bucks!  Not too shabby...

Ze Sushi in the 2ème arr.
15 pieces of maki for about 13e; definitely not the cheapest place but it's received some top marks on quality and deliciousness.  As always, I recommend going for a mid-day snack, but is possible to go for dinner.  A great side note:  free delivery!  So, you're starving one night at your home and you can just tap out an order on their side and you are golden...

Bo Sushi in Villeurbanne
Average of 8-10e for a lunch time menu of about 10 pieces of sushi.  Not much more to say except it's located a bit far out from the center... and it looks like good quality sushi.

Are there any other recommendations for good sushi places?  These four are the ones I've heard people talkin' about, but there are many many sushi places in Lyon.  The trick is simply picking out the ones that are scams or escrocerie and picking out the ones that are the golden eggs.  Sushi is still a developing taste in France; as as you must know the French are gastronomes and protecting of their own cuisine.  Good luck and happy sushi-ing!


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  1. We've found our favourite here:
    For smaller plates it's a little expensive, but since we are fat pigs we usually go for the 'Plateaux eat' which comes with cabbage salads and is generally enough for us :)


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