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Monday, March 7, 2011

What-What: Speed'Apero

"Yes... but uhhh.. it's like Speed Apero, you know?  They deliver.."  L. started into her speech; we have weekly lessons where she practices English and I correct her.  I feel weird charging her the money since she really teaches me a lot- but that's another story. 

"Woah woah, Speed Apero?"  I stared at her, potentially her pretty French head was making fun of me.  She nodded, completely serious, "You have got to be kidding me."

"Yes, wee hauve ay serveece zat deeleevers alcool at party.", she nodded, quickly opening her computer to prove she waz not lie-eeng.  "Uhnd all-zo condooms, eww see?  Drinks!"

I looked through the page and laughed to myself, "You know, L, that is surely going into my blog."  She stared at me this time.. only because she needed an explanation of 'surely' and 'blog'.

Speed Apero.  Ever been to a party in France and you realize it's starting to get sèche and all the booze is suddenly dry?  Well, it's never happened to me.. but if it does now I have a magical emergency number that will speedily deposit an over-priced bottle of alcohol, cups, ice and accompaniments at my door.

This isn't like a skizzy neighborhood drunk you hire to go grab some chips, no my friends, this is a classy business complete with a website:  http://www.speed-apero.com/

Listed from 'Champagnes' to 'Fun Pack' and even the 'Gateaux Apéros'; you cannot go wrong with this awesome selection... imagine you are at a dinner party and suddenly out of wine!  Pick up the phone, dial up the Apero Dudes (I call them that) and they are at your door with a bottle.. only about 50% more than a grocery price.  Plus it's 10% off to pick it up at their shop.. although in that case it sort of destroys the service and paying the price.

Not listed on their website is the fact they will also deliver condoms.. I didn't ask my student how she was aware of this tidbit- but she nodded as if it really came in handy.

 Seriously.  This is so on my list of things to try in Lyon... here's the contact.  Join me in the Apero Fun.

Tel : 04 72 87 00 00

p.s. you can even order online.  n'importe quoi!!

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