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Sunday, May 22, 2011

What_What: M Ton Marché

By chance I was watching the local Lyonnais channel TLM when I came across this totally awesome movement via the web (hosted of course by our lovely Rhone Commerce center) that puts the positive back on marchés.

Seeing how people usually avoid the marché at a young age, especially for the following reasons:

  1. Getting up at 10am is physically impossible for many students;
  2. Only old people shop the marché;
  3. Everything is more expensive at the marche;
  4. What's the point?
Well, there is a big point of going to the marché, and the region here is trying to show why.  M Ton Marché is a play on words, which goes to say, Aimes Ton Marché.  Means love your market, and in order to do this they have created a website by the same name.  M Ton Marché is going to become a sort of profile on the markets in the Rhone Alpes region, an exposé that puts the positive back in balader du marché.

I'm always amazed at the negative context surrounding the markets in France.  I see tons of young people walking around with carrefour or Lidl sacs, believing they have saved a load of money.  In reality, by smart shopping and buying in season we can eat more vegetables and fruits, create a relationship with our food and appreciate the effort even more.

France is meant to be the one place that shopping for the food is still an art and a pleasure.  You have your lovely wicker basket, you look lovingly at your French lover and ask for a kilo of tomatoes.  It's a fantastic experience as roasted chickens waft in the air, the smell of fresh produce entices your appetite.

Lidl sacs or wicker baskets?  I choose basket.

M Ton Marché is available, but definitely needs some continuing work.  Soon there will be profiles on our favorite producer's (I hope for the dairy guy, the chicken dude and my shouting fruity dude).  They will explain the different areas of the marché, which is difficult as the marché tends to change weekly..

In the mean time.. here's my marché map..

Afficher Lyon Markets & Épiceries (Lyon, France) sur une carte plus grande

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Weekend Event: Le Pardon des Mariniers

If you are from any port-city, like myself, the summertime always marks the beginning of a few things :
  • summertime weather
  • ability to wear shorts
  • slew of sailors coming in for the awesome festival known as FLEET WEEK in my mother tongue.

How joyous was I when I unlocked my boite de lettre and out popped a flyer that stated, “Le Pardon des Mariniers”, or the forgiving of sailors. I could only assume, as Lyon is also a port city, that this meant Fleet Week!

Well. It does. It apparently is a yearly event put on by Lyon in the 2ème arrondissment and celebrates the mariniers, the sailors. It’s only this weekend, so with the beautiful weather, hot sailors in outfits and some time to kill why not check out the weekend events??

First off, today, starting at 2pm, there will be the following (all along the Quai Rambaud, next to Perrache), look at the map in regards to WHERE exactly the find the events:

(1) 2PM - Welcoming Ceremony at 21 Quai Rambaud

(2) 8:30pm to 1:00am – Sailor’s Ball… also at 21 Quai Rambaud.. if you can find a sailor alone, you could get invited!

Now onto the SUNDAY events…

In the Morning (Specific Agenda)…

(1) 9:30am – Competition for boat decorating.

(1) 10:00am – Mass (catholic service) by Father Gréa, accompanied by the Choir of Saint Blandine.

(1) 11:00am – Blessing of the boats along the quai.

(1) 12:00 pm – ‘verre d’amité’ or a glass of friendship by the Mayor of the 2ème.

In the Afternoon…

(5) 12:30pm – Lunch under the trees, drink and barbeque for 6-13€. PLUS Barbarian organs by Jean-Marie Nicollet.

(4) 2:00pm – Race of wherries (little boats) presented by Association of Battalion Families

(4) 2:30pm – Demonstration of the joutes or long boats that joust, resembling Viking boats. Accompanied by music presented by La Barquette de Givors.

(4) 4:00pm – Demonstration of rescue dogs.

(2) 4:00pm to 6:30pm– A presentation by the Folk Lore group, Estrelas douradas, of the 6ème.

(1 & 9) 4:30pm/5:30pm – Presentation (like a fashion show) of the musical decorated boats presented by Grand Lyon.


(1) Commented visit of the Chapel Boat “Le Lien”

(2) Wooden toy creation by “Billy the Kit”
  • Fun area and toys for children.
  • Reduction in prices for the decoration of the boats

(6) Large commercial boats and artisanal floats
  • 3 free shows with the famous Lyonnais Guignols.

(7) Discover the Canoeing/Kayaking and initiation of Baby Ski for 4/13 years old, free, please bring a swimsuit.

(9) The boats of plaisanciers
  • Racing games

Enjoy your SUNDAY and happy Fleet Weekend!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Been Forever, Once Again...

I am just going to briefly say that in between all the work, school and tutoring that I have been doing- I've barely had the weekends to breathe.

After this week, I'll be free to write up loads... and what you can expect in about a week:

-The Story of the Typical French Maitrese
-American Hospitality
-My First Haircut in France
-My First Gyno Appointment in France (YIKES)
-Development of Allergies
-Best Restaurant in Lyon
-Review of Ayers Rock, the Boat
-How To:  Visit a Café in France
-What Is: A George
-Reapplication for a Student Visa

This summer, I'll be staying in France (hopefully, I will be reapplying in one week).... so there should be lots of stories!

Talk soon,


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Story Time: Receptionist at Wallstreet

As my 'stage' or internship contract for Baby Speaking is finishing on the 18th of this month, I accepted a position at Wallstreet Institute as a 'language assistant' and 'receptionist'.  I found little information on the web about this type of job, so I decided to detail a bit about what it is and what I do!

It's a completely different position than what I did with Baby Speaking- which BS my job was very much a rogue warrior type deal where I worked by my lonesome in Lyon and helped to development the market for the company.  I had about 15 hours a week to plan and organize how to better the company and quickly realized it was a definite challenge.  People in Lyon are incredibly different than most areas in France, they are cold and shut out, very 'french-french' type atmosphere.  I can easily say that Lyon is not very international in regards to Anglophones, and it's sort of a city that no one things about that often.  Of course, never tell a Lyonnais this- they will frown and state, 'Oui, mais nous sommes la 2ème grande ville de la France!', and you just nod and keep the silent comment about Marseille to yourself.

I loved the challenge, but I was aware that I couldn't stick with them forever- they hadn't mentioned elongating my contract and I was already getting offers at other companies.  I had applied for Wallstreet roughly the same time, and hadn't heard any news until March when they started prodding me to work for them.  After some negotiation, I was offered a CDI and a starting time- with a happy wage- and I happily accepted.  *note: CDI in France is considered a good working contract*.  It broke my heart to know that I would leave Baby Speaking, but all the same they hadn't contacted me!

THEN I found out Baby Speaking was already considering extending my internship- but even a CDD couldn't convince me.  I was going to Wallstreet, and although I loved Baby Speaking, I was ready for the new change.  Ironically, however, as I live right next door to Bellecour- I was sent over to Part-Dieu, tant pis.

Now, my position... the position will require me to answer phones, most the time in french and basically coordinate all the scheduled activities with the students.  The biggest challenge will be speaking in French over the phone...imagine if someone calls and says, "M. Perrin", and I'm like, "WHAATTTTTT??"

Of course, nothing stopped me before... so I'll pick up my guts to get it together and answer.  Stay tuned for stories from an American receptionist in France...

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