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Friday, May 25, 2012

Those Weird "8-Bit" Tags around Paris

So, I've disappeared again, granted I have good reason (Internship, stress.. etc).. The temperature in Paris has impossibly increased to the point I can almost see water dry up in a puff of heat when dropped... and of course the Metros have become almost impossible to bear in the heat. (Imagine a fat, sweaty man crunched into a small metro car and their arm somehow decides to cross over your head. Putrid.)

So this post is more about the discovery I have made recently, and while I wasn't posting during the last month, I was indeed discovering and imagining the different things I could share.

Which is how I found those odd 8-Bit block tags scattered around Paris.

Often in large cities we walk with our head hanging, staring at our feet and avoiding the things around us. We have iPods stuck in our ears, hands in our pockets and we simply want to transport ourselves to the direction we are heading.

Hence where I come in.

I tend to be a stroller, those types that look around and observe with an attentitive interest in all the details around me.  That odd looking fountain from the 16th century, the group of children playing in the grass, everything.

One day we were wandering around our neighborhood and after staring up at a building, I noticed this odd little mosaic in the form of an 8-bit creature plastered to the wall.

Then I started to collect them...

Near the 3ème Arrondissement, near a Brunch place 
Another one in the 3ème Arrondissement 
Found while wandering with my Finnish friend, it was plastered next to a fountain from the 17th century,  Fontaine Boucherat in the 3ème

Bri staring at the plastered piece near Métro Volontaires in the 15th

Down my street in the 15th, Rue LeCourbe

Rue Leon Delhomme, 15ème arrondissement

Rue de la Choiseuil 2ème arrondissement

Rue de la Verrerie, 4ème Arrondissement
More to come as I find them.. it's insane the things we find...

Anyone else have these?
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