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Youth Discounts

France likes to take care of their students, which means there are a lot of discounts for students (yes even exchange students) to do cultural things, pay for transportation and even get financial aid.  Allow me to 'partager' some wonderful benefits...

Eating/Food Discounts

Sometimes places like MacDo or Subway offer special student discounts for special meals, but upon the proof of a student ID.

La Fourchette
This is a great website that offers discounts on restaurants as long as a reservation is made.  Some discounts are as high as 50% off.  One time I was able to eat a 3-course dinner, wine and coffee included, for only 30€.  Sitehttp://www.lafourchette.com/1_restaurant/restaurant_Paris/1/

In Paris:
La carte Louvre Jeunes (The Louvre)
Price: 15€
Expiration: One year
Age: -26 years old
Benefits: Free visits to the Louvre, discounts on the shops and restaurants
Site to Enroll: http://www.amisdulouvre.fr/participer/adhesion-jeunes.php

La carte Sésame (Grand Palace Museum)
Price: 22€
Expiration: One year
Age: -25 years old
Benefits: Free visits to expositions from the Grand Palace
Site to Enroll: http://www.digitick.com/sesame-jeune-2011-2012-carte-grand-palais-paris-du-14-septembre-2011-au-16-juillet-2012-css5-rmnsesame-pg101-ri951365.html

La carte Jeune d'Orsay (Musée d'Orsay)
Price: 18€ for one, 35€ for the possibility to invite another
Expiration: One year
Age: -30 years old
Benefits: Free visits to the museum
Site to Enrollhttp://www.musee-orsay.fr/fr/visite/adhesion/carte-museo.html

Other Informationhttp://www.jeunes.paris.fr/
Map for Discountshttp://www.jeunes.paris.fr/sorties-bons-plans/toutes-les-sorties-et-bons-plans
In Lyon:
Cultural Passes
There are a lot of cultural passes available for students... available on the Lyon Culture website.  I'd like to highlight some of these and what their benefits are: 

La Carte Musée (the museum card)
Price:  €16
Amount of Usage:  One year from date of purchase
Details:  Allows you to visit the 6 museums around Lyon.. as listed on the website.. as much as you want in one year.
How to Purchase: Go to any of the 6 locations with a photo of yourself and prove of being a student, command for the 'carte musée'.

Le Pass'Culture (culture pass)
Price: €16
Amount of Usage: 4 shows at any of the locations on the list following..
Details: Make reservation ahead of time (at least one week before) to use one of the four passes.
Nouveau cette année :
How to Purchase: at Lyon Campus, 25 rue Jaboulay Lyon 7ème
Au CROUS de Lyon, 59 rue de la Madeleine, Lyon 7ème 9-12h00 et 14-16h00  BY CHECK ONLY

La CarteD
Price: Free
Amount of Usage: Unknown
Details: For use at any of the following, make reservation...
Details:  Go to any of the above on the list with atudent proof and ask for 'La Carte D' which should give you a discount card.

Pass 2 places, 4 spectacles
Price: €28
Amount of Usage: 4 times, in the following:
Details: Call 04 72 07 63 81 ou 04 78 28 35 19 for more information.

Le Pass Culturel Kiblind
Price: €50
Amount of Usage: 15 times during one year, one in each of the following:
  • La Renaissance
  • Le Nouveau Théâtre du 8e
  • Les Ateliers
  • Le Toboggan
  • L’Iris
  • Le Théâtre Nouvelle Génération
  • Le Comœdia
  • Le Zola
  • L’Institut
  • Lumière
  • Le Clacson
  • Le Hot Club de Lyon
  • Le Marché Gare
  • L'Amphiopéra
  • L’Épicerie Moderne
  • L’Institut d’art contemporain
Details: do the inscription for this online:  at Kiblind Website, allows one ticket for each of the above in one year.

L'auditorium in Lyon
Price: €6.00 a month, paid at once, so €72.00
Amount of Usage: An entire year of free entrance... about 50 shows.
Specifically for the auditorium in Lyon, usually a selection of classical music.
Details: Inscribe on the internet, choose all your dates, pay online for the year.  Here's the website.

Les pass' de l'Opéra de Lyon
Price: €5.00
Amount of Usage: Works for a year, one show per spectacle, per date.
Specifically for the Opera Lyon in the 1er arrondissement.
Details:  Purchase at the ticket counter, as for the "Pass'Opéra" for less than 26 years old.. if you are older there are other passes.  Entitles to 50% off of front row tickets, and only €10 for any show in the C-D-E rows.  Available according to what room there is.  Read More

Transportation Discounts

Discounts on TCL and Velo'v.  A TCL monthly pass is only €25.50, while a yearly pass is only €187 euro. Velo'v has no special student discounts, but still cheap at only €15 a year for 30 minutes riding (where you  an put a bike back, take another and have another 30 minutes).
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