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Sunday, March 20, 2011

What-What: Je m'en fou, je triche

I am a super fan of board games, from Monopoly to Scrabble, from Clue to Times Up- I adore arranging the board, playing the dice and moving the pieces.  The challenge of guessing from clues, figuring out and strategizing; it's almost like an addicition!

That's when my friend Sophie called me yesterday (she's French) to inform me that she and a few other people were going to finally go to le bar à jeux de société in the Croix-Russe.  I immediately said, oui, and we all met out in front of the statue on Place Terraux to walk there together.

First off, the name of the society is:  je m'en fou, je triche, or for those who are long-time members, la triche.  This non profit society rents out a little hidden room on la rue Réné Leynaud and has about 200+ games available.  Here's the process to join la triche:

  1. Go to the bar/salle and introduce yourself, ask if you can joindre la société.
  2. At the computer, type in your information, pay the 'adhesion fee' of 6e (free games for a year, no obligation to drink)
  3. Buy yourself a beer, if desired (only 8.50e a pitcher)
  4. Pick out one of the games from the hundreds and enjoy!
We ended up playing a game called Objets Trouvés which basically is a game of creativity and 'thinking outside the box'.  With the 6 of us it was definitely a joy, and for my French as a second language it was a bit of a challenge, but definitely do-able.

The challenge is to use 13 objects (see in the center) to describe a sentence on the card; there are 6 sentences and at random you must describe one of them.

Beer makes the game even more fun, and as everyone is arguing and laughing in French it makes life feel much less complicated-

If you are the kind of person who adores strategy or war-games, this place is the ticket; labelled by the time they take to play there are many many games in this category; just as there are simplier games for children- all is allowed at the 'salle de jeux'.

Basically, it's something to do, something to try and a great way to entertain some friends without having to host chez vous.


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