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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Found: Cap Epices

I was out spreading the word about BabySpeaking when I wandered across this little gem of a marché.  Everywhere I have been looking for a specialist in spices; not the glass jar type you see in the grocery store- or even the kind I had to trapse over to Guillotière for.  Something nearby that carried all the spices that my heart desired.  I wanted equally the ability to purchase in bulk grams, but to know it comes from a local provider who hand selects the product.

I stared into the window of Cap Epices and saw multitudes of glass and metal containers holding beautiful spices.  The front window is whimsical, showing sacs of herbs and typical spices we use on a daily basis.  50g of peppercorns were 1.50€; and for those who don't know much about food or spices.. that's cheap.  At Carrefour a 48g glass container of peppercorns is 3.20€; that means you get 50% off of store prices from a specialist in spices!  The sacs remind me of an open marché, but the prices resemble those of a discount store.

It's a little shop that opened up in 1997 on Rue de la Charité; ensuring their quality is high they pay attention to distributors and special attention to clients.  They offer basics (from ground ginger to piment) to mixtures that they create (for pot-au-feu, or special dishes).  What's even better is they offer teas and infusions as well!  Plus, just walking into the shop is like walking into spice heaven.. additionally if you live far away you can purchase and have it shipped (although pricy).

I plan to go there.. definitely.. mostly because I love spices (which is very opposite from French cooking) and I love different regional cuisines.  Trying new recipes with all these beautiful spices will be an experience; plus I have a ball every time a French person comes into my kitchen and exclaims, "Mais, t'as beaucoup des epices!" (but, you have so many spices!).

Information:  CAP EPICES 39, rue de la Charité 69002 LYON


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