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Monday, January 31, 2011

Story Time: Luck of Les Soldes

I really have to get it out of me karmic system;  I went shopping today briefly after seeing a friend I hadn't seen in a long time and it was exciting.  Because it's the third week, all the brands are cheaper but yet everything has been ravaged and picked over- my size was missing from many things I liked and I was just having fun catching and releasing.

We decided to wander into Printemps, the glorified over priced store that I knew in my heart I couldn't afford.  I glamoured over the make up, smiled at the Dolce & Golbana personnel.  I fingered 400 € dresses and eyeballed 200 € sunglasses.  Rich old ladies were shuffling around in tight pants and giant coats made of fur.

I came to the Manoukian section of the store, which always has an array of beautiful dresses.  I decided to go ahead and try on 3 dresses... none of them I would buy.  The second one was beautiful and I realized I was stuck- but I also realized it was a 50% off sale and I just needed to buy this new dress (I have 3 different events to wear it to in the next 3 weeks).

Here's where the karma part comes in;  Do not hate me and the choices I make.

I brought it to the woman to pay and she smiled and asked; est-ce que c'est une robe d'marqué, parce que je n'ai pas trouvé le ticket..  I stared at the dress and she was right, there was no 50% off ticket.  I nodded quickly and said, J'ai vu le ticket toute à l'heure, peut-être il est tombé par terre?  She nodded and we went back to look and try to find the same dress.  As we wandered back that's when I saw it; the little plastic sign above where I found my dress:  NOUVELLE SAISON.  My heart sank as she threw back racks trying to find the same to compare, somehow she didn't see the sign or the same dress so she asked a co-worker:  Est-ce que tous les robes sont démarqués?  Coworker nodded, of course they were all discounted.

I smiled politely as we wandered back to the cash register and she proceeded to knock of 50% and then another 20% off of my NEW SEASON dress.  (Just fyi, New Season clothes are never on sale, they put them out to lure in the bargain hunters to spend more).  The 150€ dress was knocked to a 50€ dress and I didn't even open my mouth to say otherwise.  She held the bag in her fingers as another co-worker passed by, once again she demanded if it was the good sale price.  At this point I was thinking just give me the damn bag lady!!! and again her co-worker agreed.

As I clutched my prize and streamlined for the door the beep went off.  I thought CRAP, they tagged the item!  They are gonna make me pay the real price!  Wrong again.  The woman who had rung me up was just very tired and forgot to remove a plastic device, the door guy removed it and made some jokes about touching les seins on my dress when he was looking for the plastic thing.

And there.  I got a brand new season dress from Manoukian for only 50€ in lieu of the real price of 150€ because of a French person wanting to get off work.  God.  Love les soldes.


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  1. I need to find a car salesman who is trying to get off work. Maybe I'll get a good deal.


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