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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Advice: Les Soldes

50% off!  Discount Discount!

In the States we are constantly bombarded with discounts and reductions; even moreso we have speciality stores that are ONLY for discounts.  Not in France.  Not in Lyon.  In exactly 4 days 'Les soldes' are going to start in Lyon.  In stark contrast to the capitalist tendancy for the sales in the States, France has stricter regulations according to when sales can happen; there is always a sale (or 'solde' in French) following Christmas.  Much like a celebratory event, all the Lyonnais trapse into the streets of Bellecour hunting for a bargain.

Bri is excited as if it is Christmas, he keeps saying, "The soldes are next week!" as if he's shouting an oncoming Santa visit.  I have a difficult time getting excited for the soldes because I personally will be doing no shopping this year.  Think of it like a French version of Black Friday.

So.  Briefly telling you:

Les Soldes will be starting on January 12th, Wednesday.  If you have the guts you can get your gear out and elbow through the crowds.  A simple word of advice from an American living in France:  never open the door for someone else.  As rude as it sounds, if you do this you will be stampeded.  The French tend to push and shove, not wait and allow you to pass.  It's a cultural thing.

Enjoy shopping!


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