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Friday, January 21, 2011

Found: Rue Vaubecour

I take many adventures in Lyon, some make me end up in a very bad area of town.. some help me to discover treasures in my city.  This adventure brought me discovery and it was a welcome one.  Part of my new job is spreading the word, I go forth in the city, explain BabySpeaking to people and drop off flyers to different businesses that families and students frequent.  In order to do this the best I do a lot of wandering around and sort of feeling my way around the city.

As readers know, I keep a map of my favorite places to food shop around the city.  Some people hold a passion in clothes shopping, I have a passion towards food, high quality ingredients and local distributors.  I already have my local boulangerie, the woman is patient with me and understands my issues in French.  I also found my favorite super marché for all those items unavailable in the marchés.. now I am still hunting for other local products that I can purchase to live life the French way.

Now onto my next discover, Rue Vaubecour.  Rue Vaubecour is located right at the southern end of rue du plat, I was lost when I found it but realized later it was because of a Google spelling error; they titled it 'rue vaubecourt' adding a lovely extra T.  Totally threw me off, I'm lost most of the time any way, but it didn't help.  So why is this little street a gastronomic find?

From 6 rue Vaubecour to 25 rue vaubecour (like a 1/2 mile) there are many little food establishments that are not listed on Googlemaps.

6 rue Vaubecour - Poissonnerie
7 rue Vaubecour - Boucherie
9 rue Vaubecour - Traiteur, Chacutier, Rotisserie (sells roasted chickens)
13ish rue Vaubcour - Fromagerie

Speckled around these shops are grocery marts and 3 boulangeries/patisseries.  The best part?  This street is also well equipped with antiques- if you are into that sort of thing.  Looking into the windows of the antique stores transports you back into an era of traditional French life.. plus sometimes you can get lucky and find beautiful decor for your apartment for not too expensive.

I definitely plan to do a round of shopping on this street next week, even though shopping tends to be an effort in this fashion, it's all part of the preparation in cooking.  Now, I need to find out where I can buy some frog legs...


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