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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Found: Rue de la Charité

The other day I was venturing to my typical Super Marché (U-Express) when I took a wrong turn and ended up down a street that I didn't recognize.  I thought I had labelled every little street on my Googlemap, the places with the good boulangeries, the fromageries- but this was a new discovery!

From Place Bellecour, there's a little street called, "Rue de la Charité".  This street is a little hidden gem in the metropolis we call Lyon; a small street, one way even.  Along this street there are several different merchants within one block;  2 boulangeries with high quality, yet modestly priced bread-goods; 1 fromagerie where I found a decadent 'St. Marcelin' for only 3.95€.  A vegetable market (although more expensive than the marchés), a boucherie and to top it all off a 'multi-use' store by the U brand... where one can find the basics that a Target would offer back home.

Between 30 to 60 Rue de la Charité one could do all their shopping in style, the prices are not excessive; and it's a nice change from the typical super marché atmosphere; besides this is part of my long list of resolutions.  Julia Child would spend a day hunting for the perfect ingredients for a meal, even though this time has been condensed into Super formats- I still find a little excitement from smelling the cheese shop or talking directly with the guy who is butchering my meat.

Googlemaps haven't quite caught onto this little street of dreams; and I hope it remains in it's little secret space.

Happy shopping!


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