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Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Post in 2010

It's been a long year in 2010.  Well, I would say that except things have passed by so fast I haven't even seen the year past.  Just one year ago I was with Brian and his family enjoying the end of 2010.. glasses of champagne were raised, we ate an amazing meal and then.. in a sad way.. we separated in January to do a long distance relationship for 6 more months.

During the first half of 2010 I was constantly wrapped up in my studies, getting A's and putting in the back of the mind the fact I would be leaving in June to live in France.

Time flew, tears flew, another airport trip and the horrible 12 hour flight and I was in the arms of France herself.  Summertime was a mess of apartment hunting and minor discoveries; a trip to Spain with the family left me about 10 pounds heavier and happy as ever.

School started and I realized French was a force to reckon with, I fell on the Velo'v and totally busted up my knee.  The knee was destroyed during my birthday, I turned 23 years old, I had a dinner party, I had another party, Brian turned 23.

My French family invited me for a Thanksgiving celebration, I decided not to make pumpkin pie because when I described it in French the resulted look was disgust.  I welcomed my baby brother to France; had a beautiful Christmas, had a crazy experience in Amsterdam; received my first Le Creuset.. and french parfum.

It was a beautiful year and I welcome 2011 in France, my new life, my new city.  I love it here and I'll always consider both Portland and Lyon my homes.

I have great expectations for the new year.. and I am excited.  Here are some of my favorite memories/posts in 2010:

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It was a beautiful year.  I look forward to another wonderful year in France in 2011.


See you in 2011!


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