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Friday, December 10, 2010

Story Time: The Small Jeans Fit

Mom was sweet, she shrink wrapped and shoved every piece of love she could into my Bro's bags.  From brown sugar to bags of Portland coffee, the bags were practically bursting with different items... including my skinny jeans.

I believe all of us have them, they are those absolutely gorgeous pair of jeans that used to make your butt look so awesome and you felt great in them.  About a year an a half ago those jeans were folded up and put in a 'never going to fit again' pile in the back of my Parent's house.  It was a big part to do with visiting France- the fatty foods, the lazy days... I gained about 10 kilos simply by being in France and spending most time indoors.

Bro is here now and I'm trying to spend every ounce of energy showing him Lyon- my own personal goal is to show him every corner of the city I've taken 6 months to discover.  This means that every day we cross the city, from the Old Lyon to Bellecour, up to Fourvière and back down- it's been a constant walk.  I spend at least 3-4 hours walking from place to place, strolling and viewing everything.  It's been a constant walk around the city and it has caused me to forget eating times, snack on some light things and squish into my skinny jeans.  All the jeans I ordered from the states are billowing in the tummy area;

Funny enough, my 17 year old Bro is getting tired of the walking.. the climbing up our 5 flights of stairs.  I realized how much we walk in Europe and how much we are really in good shape... it also creates some logic around the 'French Paradox'.. we simply just don't walk enough in America.

If you're in the States and you'd like to try and fit into your skinny jeans, get to walking about 2 hours a day.  If you're in France and you understand what I'm talkin' about.. well good for you.  Go buy another pair of skinny jeans and make a new goal.

Tomorrow I'll be getting some really funny photos of my Bro in France... it's been tiring but equally as hilarious having him here.


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  1. No straight man has a pair of anything that makes his butt look good.


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