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Sunday, October 3, 2010

What-What: Velo'v in France

In 2005, in Lyon France, the city government and a highly popular advertising firm called 'JC Decaux' started a system of temporary bike usage around the city.  Since the launch in 2005, the bike spots have grown to over 350 around the city.. and usage has spiked.  JC Decaux enables prices to be kept low through their subsidies to the government- very helpful. Everywhere you look a person can see the bikes around the city- distinguishable by their red plastic handlebars and large covered wheels.

The Velo'v Bike
The Hardware
Every bike has three gears, 1, 2 and 3.  The lowest is the easiest to ride, but the highest gets you there fastest.  Every bike can be located at a station.. stations usually have between 10-15 bikes, they are placed into the hole (metal goes into hole on the right hand side) and to be taken out one must put in their bike code/pass and choose the number, press the green button and pull it out.
A station in the rain.. the big metal box is where one gets their pass
Bikes are very inexpensive- depending how you purchase the pass.  A daily pass runs about €1; but you need to ensure you have at least €150 euro in your account to cover liability (in case of loss).

Here's the breakdown:

Type of Pass
Cost of Pass
Where to Purchase
Amount of Time on Bike
Daily (1 day)
At Machine (w/ carte bleu)
30 minutes
Weekly (7 days)
At Machine (w/ carte bleu)
30 minutes
Online, through inscription
30 minutes
*Técély Card
Cost of Card + 1 month metro
After you receive long term card,
1 hour
*For the telecy card you’ll need to do extra steps, detailed HERE 
Locations/SpeedThey are located everywhere around the city of Lyon.. it is incredibly useful and faster then waiting for the Métro or walking.  There's a basket in the front.. allowing you to carry boulangerie items or other- and beyond that it's really fun!  It takes me about 15 minutes to get from Bellecour to Parc de la Tête d'Or, but much more enjoyable then squishing on the métro or the bus.
To see all 350 locations, Velo'v has created a very easy to use map system on their website here . It's a touch and see, so you double click on a location and it shows the closest bike spots.
NOTE: They also now have an Iphone Application- incredibly convenient when there are no spots left where you want them!
 Try it once, because once you try it you'll be addicted like the rest of France.  It's even spreading it's way across Europe... I'm waiting for the day a corporation in America will pick up on this and start offering the same!
Here's a little video enjoyment.. me riding my bike though the parc...

Until later,


  1. Maybe you should be in that marketing corporation that brings it!

  2. Haha, that'd be nice.. but there's already a company starting to try- not getting so far.


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