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Monday, October 18, 2010

Advice: Top 5 Lyon Restaurants So Far...

I went to dinner on Saturday night and it got me thinking about my favorite Bouchons and Restaurants around Lyon... here's a little list of some places that have stolen my heart and my stomach.. the five best I can remember... these are not in particular order because they are all special for different reasons.

Les Fines Geules (16 rue Lainerie)
Great little bouchon located in the 5ème that we came across by chance.  I had the gazpacho soup, the fish.. and it was really quite delicious.  Menus range from €19 to €27... but a definite favorite and one you should try.

Le Kys (18 Quai General Sarrali)
Has the best grenouilles that I have had in Lyon so far.  It's fairly expensive, you need a reservation for dinner here- but it's nice for a special occasion or a birthday!

Dans la 'Rue des Marronniers'

Chabert et Fils AND les Trois Cochons (11 rue des Marronniers)
Located on that legendary street, both of these restaurants are very typical Lyonnais with very inexpensive prices on their menus (€20 maximum).  It has some dishes that are not for the faint of heart (pig feet, cow intestine sausage) but it's a definite reflection of Lyon classics.

La Mère Jean (5 rue des Marronniers)
This little gold mine is incredibly small in size, almost one that someone would walk by with the fear of smothering- but it's just that.. Grandma's kitchen.  The food is incredibly filling and great quality, I had steak.. with a cheese sauce.  The entire menu is only €22.. and worth every penny.  You leave there waddling home.

Le Caveau (5 Place Antonin Poncet)
Hey, with a menu for only €15; you can't go wrong.  It's not the best bouchon, but for the price of the food it's incredibly well done- we ate there and were incredibly full at the end.  Really delicious and well done... and hey- great for a HANGOVER.  :)

Happy restauranting!


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