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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Story Time: La Boucherie

Today we trudged out in the rain because we were out of eggs for our 'Saturday morning pancakes'.  The marché eggs are always free range and way cheaper than the super-marché (like 1.70 for 6 free range, butt feathers still attached.)

I frequent le marché on 'Saint-Antoine Célestins'; on Saturdays it's bustling and filled with fresh produce, happy stall owners and lots of life.  At the end is a street called, 'rue grennette' which houses one of my favorite, AND marks my first visit to a Boucherie.

Called, la Boucherie Centrale, it looks as though it is ran by a family.  The old man behind the counter was all smiles as he picked out my beef and cut it into pieces for me, the pork.. the paté en croute.  It's always a little more expensive, which is why I make it a rare occasion to venture out to a boucherie.

The meat is all slaughtered/butchered by the family and the quality shows on the product- the beef is a beautiful red color and will be perfect for my 'sunday stew' as the weather has gotten colder.

I love buying fresh meat- it's an animalistic and a very French feeling..

The address for this Boucherie is:  3 Rue Grenette, 69002 Lyon, France



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