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Friday, October 1, 2010

Advice: In Season Vegetables

I recently went to the library in the 2ème and checked out a beautiful book (in French) about all these vegetables.. and so I listed and translated everything that's in season, since, well, it's October now!

There's a new marché also I was told by Bri, along le 'Quai Claude Bernard'... near Lyon 2 in front of la rhône... It's apparently a marché open from 3-6pm!  An evening marché for those of us who can't get up at 6am.

So here goes la liste!

Carrots (carottes)
Celery (celerie)
Chestnuts (châtaine)
Cauliflower (chou-fleurs)
Brocoli (brocoli)
    green, new (vert nouveau)
Brussel Sprouts (chou de Bruxelles)
Squash (corge)
Shallots (échalote)
Spinach (épinard)
Fenouil (same)
Yellow Onions (oignons jaunes)
Parsnip (panais)
Green Pepper (poivron vert)
Leeks (poireaux)
    Belle de Fontenay (sautéeing)
    Charlotte (sautéeing, purée)
    Red potatoes

Allrecipes.com offers some awesome veggie recipes.. so I'd recommend giving them a look.  Vegetables are cheap and healthy... and hey, take advantage- because in the United States the food is always terribly expensive.. here's it's cheap cheap!

Good luck!


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