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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Advice: French Slang Week 4

Coucou, toute le monde... alors.. ici c'est 'français familier'.. WEEK 4... happy learnings!

Se tirer:  to leave, (fr. sou. s'en aller, se casser)

Gonfler:  inflated, or annoy someone (fr. sou. énerver ou ennuyer)

Une baraque:  a house, (fr. sou. un maison)

Soûler:  verb of being bored, annoyed (fr. sou. énerver ou ennuyer)

Crécher:  to live somewhere, (fr. sou. habiter)

Péter un cable:  1. get pissed, 2. become crazy  (fr. sou. 1.  se fâcher;  2. devenir fou)

Cap:  capable, (fr. sou. capable)  In French, they used a lot of 'abbreviations', this is one.

Ras le bol:  I've had it up to here!  (fr. sou. s'en marre)

Dégage:  Go away!  (fr. sou. laisser)

Causer:  Speak...  (fr. sou. parler)

Braire:  literally, to bray like a donkey, often used when someone speaks back or speaks strongly, (fr. sou. parler fort)

Se pointer:  1. to arrive, 2. to be present somewhere  (fr. sou. 1.  arriver, 2. se presenter qqp)

Belèze:  Basically a really muscl-y guy, (fr. sou. un homme musclé, costeau)

File une tornogle:  Hit someone, (fr. sou. frapper)

Piaule:  Bedroom, (fr. sou. une chambre)

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