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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Stretched Out Jeans

I miss having a clothing dryer, I, like most expatriates, have had to adapt to the lifestyle in France.  Part of this lifestyle is washing your clothes at weird celsius temperatures, spending hours trying to get socks to hang on the drying thingy and yes, that horrible stretched out jean syndrome.

There is nothing like slipping into a warm pair of jeans, fresh from the dryer and feeling the snugness of the jeans around your bum.  It's been about one year since I've had that sensation and it's equally been one year that I've even touched a clothing dryer.

Most days I don't think about the things that I miss, such as Taco Bell (which I totally dreamt last night that Taco Bell came to France and I was ecstatic!) or even the simpler things like microwave buttered popcorn or cheap gas.

Truly, though, I miss those jeans.  No matter what I do my jeans in France tend to sag on my bottom and have a hugh gap where it lays on my tummy.  It feels great in a way because there is no wild struggle around the room to slip into my skinny jeans, but sometimes I just miss that feeling.

I started thinking about other things I miss... and I believe that the next post shall be a compiled home sick list.

France is right in a way, dryers are bad for the environment- just like taking showers and leaving the water on... oh I didn't tell you?  In France people take showers like this:  Turn water on, rinse, turn water off, soap up, turn water on, rinse.  Logical right?  Somehow I don't think anyone in the states does this, because I sure was shocked.  So no dryers, no skin tight warm jeans and no 20 minute cascading showers.



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  1. I'm practicing my 10 minute rinse soap rinse showers!!


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