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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sending Thoughts to Oslo

I went to a concert in Fourvière last night while hundreds of young teenagers tried to sleep through a day from hell.  I had no idea what had happened until I returned home from work yesterday, around 4:30, and spattered on the news was an image of an actually quite attractice Norweigan man with the words, Massacre en Oslo.

How can I even begin to express sentiment for something so shocking?  Norweigans are so kind, thoughful and gentle people... the fact that it was one of their own destroying hundreds of their own is almost as if it couldn't be true.

I leave the images and the crises coverage to the large networks, but in this small post I am simply sending out the warmest feelings to Norway and extending my thoughts to those who suffered at the hands of this extremist.

Tomorrow I'll post about the Fourvière experience, but today consider it a day of silence in order to remember the people who died.

I can only think of my young brother, if this had happened? The people crying on their phones, the parents receiving text messages from their children, and they couldn't do anything to help them. Incredible.

My heart is sad, just utterly full of emotion.

Norway, dearest survivors, we are all sending our condolences and our hope that he will be brought before justice and pay for his crime.

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