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Saturday, September 11, 2010

What-what: Run Down on Picard

Picard Surgelée is a frozen foods store that is very popular in France.  The food is cut up in a factory, fabricated, created and then flash frozen and placed in packaging.  The entire store is a frozen food aisle with product that is highly quality controlled and tastes amazing… kinda like Ikea brand meatballs.  There are several types of food products that are offered at Picard shops, and I’d like to share with you my new found treasure, sorry if it sounds like a commercial… but I really love this place:
Frozen Onions
    Frozen foods to cut prep time:  There is nothing wrong with buying a frozen bag of onions or mushrooms.  It cuts about 10 minutes of preparation for dinner, offers the ability to use a measuring cup to scoop out the product to very particular sizes- and the veggies are already cleaned, shaped and ready to be used.  They offer everything from a mix of garden veggies to frozen chopped garlic.
Frozen foods for Aperitif: In France we love to invite friends over to get them drunk and feed them fancy little snacks.  Picard offers lots of little “amuse-geule” for apero.  From mini sandwiches to small quiches to small desserts, they come in boxes of 40 for around €8.00, which seriously is easier than trying to pour egg into tiny quiche crusts… and they taste AWESOME.

Complete made meals: Screw frozen pizza… imagine having a  “layered 3 cheese lasagna” or a “country ratatouille” for €4.00 to €6.00 that tastes amazing!  I know for me sometimes cooking is a feat, but this is a simple toss in the pan type thing that is ready in about 15 minutes and takes no thought… and it’s really good.

Frozen Meat: I’ve noticed meat in France is the one thing that is very expensive.  Turkey sautée meat runs about €12.00/kilo, or like $6.00 a pound.  I can’t afford that, and I don’t always want to eat the fatty pork and chicken legs to cut costs.  Picard offers frozen turkey by the kilo for half that price, €6.00.  I got a whole kilo of ground beef for €6.00 as well.

Desserts: Any kind of ice cream as well as amazing cakes, chocolate items and others to really make your night.  I’m thinkin’ a French Noir film.  I’m thinkin’ a black forest cake.  I’m thinking…. Oo.. gotta go.
All-in-all go there once. Try it.  You won’t be disappointed.

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