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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What-What: Le Grand Journal

Le Grand Journal.. le Petit Journal.. les Guignols-

If you have no idea what these three things are, it's about time you did because it's the #1 news show that French people watch daily.

Le Grand Journal is a television show which is live every night (Monday through Friday) starting at 7pm (19h) on Canal+.  Normally one needs to have cable in order to watch Canal+, but luckily, this show is publicly financed, therefore during the show it is free for everyone to watch.

It begins with about 45 minutes of political/informative news with the host Michel Denisot- he's like the dad of the show, sitting at the head of the table.

About 40 minutes into this show is the 'petit journal' which is hosted by Yann Barthès- who I must mention is absolutely a knock out.. hot hot hot. 

His section is about 15 minutes, and hilarious.  It's packed full of 'Français Familier' so sometimes it's difficult to understand, but trying to is a great practice.

Much of his section is political life, satire and the like.

Following we have 'Les Guignols' which are large puppets that represent newscasters that tell the news.  This lasts about 10 minutes, but is very amusing and yet incredibly weird... all the same it's more Français Familier and kind of helps to understand the culture in a relaxed way.

Their representation of Nicolas Sarkozy is one where he's pretentious and not very intelligent... while the presentation of Barack Obama is one of a black man who constantly says, 'ce quoi ça mec?', 'what's that man?'... very amusing.

Right after 'Les Guignols' we have a special musical guest, who plays a song... then comes the 'pop culture' guests, often actresses, models, singers or well known names in France.  They interview them, kind of entertain them.. etc.

Mouloud Anchour and Seth Rogan on the RIGHT -->
During this time they also mention some current pop culture, show a short interview usually done by Mouloud Anchour... who really reminds me of Seth Rogan... ANYWAYS.

Then we have the 'Météo' with a tall Quebecois named 'Charlotte', and on the show 'Charlotte le bon'.  She's incredibly hilarious and has an insane Canadian accent- and has no idea how to tell the météo.. They often play some practical joke on her, like dressing her as a 'tree'... etc.

Finally, one of the best parts of the show is 'SAV Emissions: service après vente'.  These two comedians (Omar and Fred) have about 4 minutes to go back and forth.. the idea is a customer calling customer service.. and it's always hilarious.

See a clip of them here:  Clip of Omar et Fred

That's a brief synopsis.. but watch the show- it's great practice for French and keeps you updated- also it's incredibly POPULAR in France.. and it's a great conversation starter!



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