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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Story: Adapting to Life in Center of the City

    Moving for me has always been a very tumultuous thing- I like nesting and I like making my home secure. Bri & I recently decided to move into a bigger apartment closer to our ‘fac’ and universities.  The change is mostly positive but the apartment doesn’t quite feel like home.

    The new apartment was most likely built in the 1800’s along this street in Lyon known as “rue des Marronniers” which is associated with a theater and about 12 restaurants.  We live smack next door to a bouchon called “La Mère Jean” which honestly, has amazing Lyonnaise typical cuisine. 

 It took us about 4 hours total with three of us to move all of our stuff out from the old place, into the new place

    It was also a nightmare.  After elbowing through crowds of CIEF program attendees at Lyon 2, I had to haul box after heavy box of our lives down three stories- then up another 4 stories with no elevator.  I proved my ‘non feminitiy’ as I hauled and helped Bri and his dad with the move.

    I’m still in recovery of the move and my muscles are still incredibly sore and weak, I almost have no will to step outside our door, but I have to because of the testing for the CIEF program and the need to clean our old apartment.

    The new place has wooden floors, a large salon, a large salle a manger (but no table, which has really misbalanced our routine), and a big kitchen.  The kitchen has a cuisinière au gaz and a big fridge… which has made me so happy!

My New Kitchen
A big fridge! Rare in France..

Brian looking happy in our new place.. the sun is beautiful in the morning

New living room!  A big mess right now.
Theater downstairs.. free shows!... ;)

This weekend is nesting weekend… so hopefully it’ll be home soon.

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  1. You might not quite as of yet feel like it's home, but it definitely looks like your home to me! It looks VERY Sasha and Brian like! After you are nested, you will have your housewarming party - invite your neighbors. They may not go, but then they won't hate you because of the noise either! I love it, it looks great!!


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