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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Advice: French Slang Week 2

Once again I had my slang class- and today we focused on 'sayings that use the body'... common things French people say that often have to do with body parts.. here goes:

  • Mettre le pied sur plat OR rater une bonne occasion se taire: english equiv- 'to put your foot in your mouth' literally to say something that you weren't supposed to say.
  • Casse-geule: unstable, (fr soutenu: pas stable)
  • Avoir une grosse tête: someone who is full of themselves.  (fr soutenu: se croire superieur)
  • Être une tête: 'to be a brain', smart, (fr soutenu: être intelligent)
  • Se manger des yeux:  to eat someone up- be very attracted to someone. (fr soutenu: desirer qqn)
  • Mon oeil: 'Yah, right...', to not believe someone.. usually you touch just below your eye.  (fr soutenu:  ne croire pas qqs)
  • Garder la tête sur les épaules:  to stay calm, keep your head on your shoulders.. (fr soutenu: rester calme, lucide et raisonnable.)
  • Avoir la tête: to be smart or intelligent, (fr soutenu: d'être intelligent)
  • Coûter les yeux de la tête OR coûter la peau des fesses:  something SUPER expensive, (fr soutenu: qqs hyper cher)
  • Casser les pieds à quelqu'un: to bore someone, or annoy someone, (fr soutenu: ennuyer qqn)
  • Être bouche bée OR rester bouche bée:  Left with your mouth open, (fr soutenu: être supriser)
  • Avoir un verre dans le nez:  to literally have the glass to the nose- to be drunk. (fr soutenu: être bourré)
  • Tenir la jambe de quelqu'un:  to hold someone back; often if you need to get somewhere and someone is 'holding you up'... making you late.  (fr soutenu: retenir qqn)
  • Manger à l'oeil OR Boire à l'oeil: 'dine and dash', or even a freeloader- it's someone who tries to eat for free. (fr soutenu: essayer ou manger gratuitement)
  • Mettre sa au feu: to have serious trust, 'i bet on it', (fr soutenu:j'ai confiänce à qqs)
  • N'en faire qu'à sa tête: to be stubborn, bull-headed, (fr soutenu: n'ecouter pas aux autres, être têtu)
Hope the slang helps, remember keep your ears open..!



  1. Jace and I were looking at french words and the word to cry is pleurer, and when you say it rains it is il pleut. Does that mean that when it rains the sky is crying?

  2. Am going to study in Lyon in the autumn.. Love your blog!! Thank you so much for sharing all this.


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