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Friday, September 10, 2010

What-What: Run Down on Asian Markets

Everyone knows about Guillotière, and if you don't, it’s in the 7ème in Lyon, next to a metro stop, kinda intimidating if you’ve never been.  Why?  Well it’s like a sub-culture in Lyon.  A lot of immigrants from Algeria, North Africa and different parts of Asia have congregated into the area and it’s like a melting pot of these cultures.  When I say it’s intimidating, I mean it’s just as if you’ve walked out of France into a new place.

The hidden treasure in this place are the Asian/Arabic grocery stores.  You might think:  what is there in an Asian store that isn’t in a normal store? Or you may even think:  I am afraid to go into one, what if they find me weird? Or even, Huh? Asian store?

These places are filled with things that are way cheaper, variety of products and things that are fun to test in the kitchen.  Here’s some examples:
Thai Yellow Curry, 1.60 in market
  • Rice, by the kilo, is only €2.20.  It’s higher quality, better taste.
  • Yellow curry paste (picture) to be used in Thai Yellow Curry (recipe)
  • Coconut milk to be used in Thai Yellow Curry
  • Canned baby corns
  • Giant Shrimp Chips for €1
  • Buttload of seasonings that are super cheap
  • Wonton Wrappers
  • Curry Powder (it’s like.. awesome)
  • Frozen dim sum
  • Seafood
  • Noodles in Pouches that are spicy and great when you’re sick
  • Lots of flavorings
  • Mochi
    My multitude of spices
There’s more, but in order to truly enjoy it you gotta step into one.  They speak French, just say ‘bonjour’ waltz in, grab a basket and enjoy.
Other places to check out while in that neighborhood is:  Bahdourian and Bombay Indian Bazaar.


  1. I bet the Indian market is slightly more pricey than the east asian market. See, now aren't you glad I dragged you into all those little neighborhood markets now? Cheap cheap cheap. I still am amazed I can 10 limes for a dollar at a neighborhood chinese store when they are 2 for a dollar at Safeway. Hmmm.

  2. Thank you! my boyfriend and I just gave up on our car, so the asian supermarket we used to go to is a bit of a treck for us now. We're in 8éme so I'm sure this is closer.. I can get all my old favourites again.

  3. :) No problem!

    There are quite a few in the Guillotière area.. glad I could help!


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