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Saturday, September 10, 2011

My Life in France

How many times can I read Julia Childs memoir before I commit every word to memory? I think for anyone considering moving to France there are two books to pack in the suitcase: My Life in France and Mastering the Art of French Cooking. For the latter I picked it up late in the afternoon today after an exhausting week of- well secretive and non titled filming for an American show. Reliving my move to France made me remember that mystified feeling I had stepping over the border. As Julia fabulously put it, "I fell in love with the food, the people and the baguettes." So many Americans have used her dream to create their own sometimes I even forget that I happen to be living the dream.

From the markets to the French debates over an endless flow of table wine. Reading through her blatant and romantic recollections has made me remember why I am so lucky.

One year ago I was curious where I would be in a year- I kept writing my discoveries in order to simply share knowledge and a collective laugh. Sometimes France has been cruel- the culture surprisingly different from my own. Sometimes I've regretted even moving- until I lean out my window on a Sunday afternoon and the church bells ring in the distance. I prance through the markets and order my local products and lounge around snacking on fresh fruits and vegetables. I debate loudly and convincingly in French- talking louder and more forceful instead of waiting a turn to speak. I wave and chat with those on my street, not needing their names just feeling as though they really are part of this new home. I have even felt the change, seeing my mom come and realizing that even though I am still myself, I have accepted Lyon into my heart.

It's a challenge and a pleasure and it's my own life in France.

This month will have many more posts as I continue to discover the parts of Lyon that make me happy.

Donc. A bientôt.

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