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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How Did I Get Here?

Growing up I had nothing, I remember I proudly wore my used clothes and somehow always made friends. I lived in a two room cabin for the first few years of grade school- but at school I had friends, I was not so much popular but just-- enigmatic. I could control a room with my presence. I remember my Grandmother- who raised me until I was 14- would clean hotels and homes to make our eating money.

At the time it was safer for me to live in Forks, away from the drama of the divorce. My mom worked anything she could and send any extra money to us. I was on those trees you see at Christmas- little girl wishes for the new Barbie, an expensive Tyco play thing. Those good people in that town were my family- my friends just as poor as myself. How did I get here? Sometimes I tend to forget my roots, until I have conversations with the Cleaning Lady at my office and I feel this absolute understanding. I see my grandmother in her, and I know what her daughter does...

I am in France. I came from nothing, wrapped in hand me down church clothes and now I am in a masters program in France. Not to say anything was ever easy, I have only known challenges in my life. Thanks to the work and love from my family I pushed myself to get here. Nothing was handed to me on a platter.

Don't ever let anyone tell you it's impossible- if you want to come to France, make it happen. You don't have to pay 20,000$ a year to make the dream a reality.

I am living proof and I am only going to get better.

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