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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Petit U-Express Next Door

I realized that I hadn't written about this little jewel of a grocery since I moved into the Marronniers apartment.  Living in the center of town poses some difficulties on where to do my weekly shopping (when I can't get to the marché).  When I first moved here in September I was a frequent client of the Marché-U down the street, which was convenient but a total scam.

It killed me every time I would buy my groceries, I realized very quickly that groceries were on average .30 centimes more in price.  My .77 centimes of yogurt was suddenly a whole EURO.  I was buying less and less stuff to avoid the extreme price change; it was really tough to bite the bullet, but biking all the way to Part-Dieu was ridiculous and I hate Lidl products.

One day, we were looking for a shop that was open late in order to buy a baguette.  As we wandered home we came across a little store called U-Express, we thought, eh, what the Hell.  probably gonna cost us an eye to buy anything there, but it's closeby.  As we passed through the sliding doors we were welcomed by the cassière with a smile.  We smiled back and started rummaging through the store buying what we needed.  Baguette, check. Eggs. check.  Meat. check.  With our modest pile of groceries we went to the smiling cassièere and she quickly passed and rung us up.
Ça fera 11.04€.
I stared, bouche bée.  She repeated, this time smile fading, a little annoyed.  I quickly paid for the items and looked over at Bri as we walked out, "Did you notice the groceries here are, like normal priced?".  Everything was normal priced, no sudden downtown price.

That's when our little love affair with the U-Express next door started.  It wasn't the best part thought; they constantly have discounted items (20 to 30% off) due to their misorderings.  I am often able to score a couple of steaks for 30% off and they taste great.  Yogurts, cheeses, butters, you name it and they have it discounted at least once in awhile.  Sadly, no one seems to know about the store.. but that's why I'm writing it down now.


If you live near the center, go to U-Express on 9 Rue de la Charité.  Guaranteed that you can eat cheap and that things are discounted.  We recently bought a load of chocolates for 50% off, great quality products.  If you do go, get a U-Card; you'll get some points and some free things once in awhile.

I'm tellin' ya.  Totally like American-ish discounts.

a+ and happy eating

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