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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Advice: Sunday Flea Market!

Wondering what to do on a lazy Sunday morning... before the giant French meal, nearing the end of a long and lovely restful weekend?

Yesterday I learned about a market in Lyon that is amazing...

Les Puces du Canal is in Villerbanne but holds the 2nd largest flea market in France!  This place has over 400 commerçants that come in their little French camions bringing their house treasures or antiques to sell in a public place.

The market starts at 6am on Sunday, every sunday, rain or shine. It is also on Thursdays and Saturdays- but Sundays are truly the day to go. It goes until around 1pm.... the real treasure hunters arrive at exactly 6am to find the next 'treasure'.  Remember awhile back when I discussed decorating a home in France?  Well this is a great opportunity to 'barter' and mingle with locals and get some really nice antiques.

Plan a trip to Les Puces du Canal

1 rue du Canal, Villeurbanne

Arrive around 10am, right when the market is bustling and take a look around.  The market is full of a range of products and prices- sometimes one can get lucky on any day.  Hang out and debate with the commerçants.. remember to be polite!

This is also a great market for those who love vintage clothing- several stalls sell clothes from a variety of eras... and remember the best thing about vintage is it's unique and one of a kind!

Around 12:30pm or so, head over to a sausage stand, or even to their restaurant nearby and grab a snack or drink.  Watch as people walk away with loads of stuff and relflect on the classical furniture you just saw.

I know where I'll be on Sunday!


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