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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cocktails and November 11

Having cocktails in France tends to be a whole nother experience... sort of.  I was afraid to make my way over to the pub alone at night- I always have this never ending fear that I'll take a wrong turn on my Velo'v and end up in some completely unknown area.  Yes, the pub was straight down 'Rue de la Rupublic' and yes, that street is pretty much just a long street of lit up stores, fountains and restaurants.. but the incessant fear curls in my stomach every time I hop on a bike or head out.

I bisou'd Bri goodbye and set off with multiple layers (10 degrees C yesterday) in tow.  I popped in my Velo'v code, hopped on and whhoooozzzzeee...  riding at night through the 'rue de la Republic' takes some guts and can be stressful.  I whizzed through the crowds, left right, left right.  Sometimes I'd stop and use my feet to 'walk my bike' before an old lady got out of my way.  About 10 minutes later I reached the 'Opera de Lyon' which is really a hub for some nasty characters (ironic, one would think the Opera is.. like fancy and full of richness).

I parked in the one spot available and headed up.  Last time I went to this place it was dead, maybe a scattering of some French people.  This time it was PACKED... and I got to thinking, why?  I asked the girls and they motioned around and explained that "Tomorrow is a feriée" which means a one day off.  French people have so many holidays sometimes I think they invent a day for it.

November 11, 1918
Armstice between Germany and France ending World War I.

Apparently November 11 marks the end of the first World War that ended in 1918; specifically the fact that the Allies and Germany signed for peace and resolution in France.

What I get confused about is why they celebrate the end of World War I when after there was World War II; wouldn't one assume that the end of one WW would trump the end of another?

I think I'm just confusing myself because I watched Inception last night... Hmmm.

In all cases, for November 11 we get a day to relax and do nothing- most places are closed, most people are shuttled outside to the parks or the quai to enjoy the day.

Sometimes there are special events, such as free drinks at the mairie, or a commemoration event at the statues- you'll have to read your local events to know for sure.  I'll be enjoying my day doing laundry, taking out a giant box or two of glass recyclables and going for a nice long walk.

Tomorrow I'll be posting about how to recycle in France- because even though it would seem simple.. in the center of the city simple it is not!

Here's my walk plan...

View Visit Lyon in a larger map

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