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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Little About Me..

I realize that I typically write about advice in Lyon.. living here, what to do, how to survive.  I've been writing consistently for about 2 months now, so I'd like to explain who exactly I am.

My name is Sasha, 23 years young.  I lived in Portland for most of my life but before that I was raised in Forks, Washington- yes that small town that is written in the book Twilight.  Portland is my favorite city.. it's calm and large, spacious and has cheap rents.  When I left in summer 2010, the culture was changing a bit and certain areas were becoming gentrified- as well as a new phenomenon of 'food carts' were exploding around my city.

I'm a self-proclaimed traveler, which means I really don't like staying in the same place for more than a few years.  I've lived in several apartments in Portland... and I decided to embark to Lyon after my degree was finished.  Most students come to Lyon and pay $20,000 or so a year to study here.. I don't have that kind of money and so I did it on my own.  I have been all over Europe, and yes, I am in debt because of it.

I'm not an exchange student because I will be living here for a long time.  My best friend/partner is French and we live together in a 600 sq ft apartment in the center of Lyon.  His family is my family, so, often every other weekend I am surrounded by 100% French people who love me, and I them.  It's always an adventure in the language, especially with Bri as he speaks English- but often will make grammatical mistakes.

I have taken French for over 6 years, but still ended up in a lower level due to my grammatical faults.  Fortunately the classes I am taking are quite easy and often I just sit there and understand it all, because, in order to do my 'career' plans I only need the equivalent to a B2.

My Career Plans
I never thought I'd end up in France, to study or to live.  I already have my Bachelor's in Business Management; and so I will continue here in Lyon into an International Business Management MASTER... as well as get certifications in Int'l Business Consulting.  My goal with all of this?  To counsel businesses on how to survive in the French market.  So much relies on International Business, I want to help those businesses succeed in this country.

Basically in about 2 years I will have a Master from Lyon, a Bachelor from Portland... and a 'head on my shoulders'.

For now I will continue to write about what I learn in the culture and advise you on how to survive.


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  1. Salut Sasha, I've just started reading your blog and I love your posts :) You're so adventurous, it's quite inspiring.

    I will be heading to Lyon in January for six months to do a university exchange (at Lyon III), so it's been really helpful reading up on daily life in Lyon. Always interesting and insightful, merci beaucoup :)

    - Elaine


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