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Friday, November 5, 2010

Advice: The Producer's Market

I just was reminded today why I LOVE Bail's Distribution.

As I was leaving my apartment I looked down my street of restaurants to see the 'Bails Distribution' truck delivering their fresh produce. 

In my old place the distribution center was across the street and open to the public to purchase the veggies/fruits.  Now I live about 2 miles away from there so I rarely make a trip.

When I do am I always incredibly, and happily, surprised.

I sport a backpack and make the trek from school by bike.  2 miles away is a bit of a bike, but luckily it's not that 'long' because I really zip over there.  I tie down my bike, slip on my backpack and head in to do my purchases.

A huge reason I needed to go there was because all the marché people were gone for the day and I have plans to have Taco Night tonight... complete with the whole sautéed veggies for fajitas.  I prefer fresh quality over the grocery store.

I was excited to go back, every time I enter it is full of these beautiful products, from vegetables to fruits they are all laid out for the pickings... and better with reasonable prices!  I recommend to everyone to make at least a one time visit- because the prices blow me away every time.

Clementines were on sale €1.50 a kilo, which is only like $1.00 a pound!  Very good deal.  Their herbs are only .60 centimes.. so I can cook so delicious and fresh.  Green peppers, zuchinnis, onions... lettuce!

You see this??  I bought ALL OF THIS for only €16.00.  That's a good deal.  It's about 7 kilos- 14 lbs of veggies for only €16.00.  I would never find this in the United States, that's for sure.

And JUST to show another view of this massive pile of greenery:

Get out there and pile up, the exercise is good to get back home (for me it's a 2 mile bike ride and 5 flights of stairs) and the quality is incredible; Bail Distribution, what I like to call 'the Producers Market' is one of those things I LOVE about Lyon.  Also, they are open from 7 am to 7 pm, Monday through Sunday.  So most markets aren't open on Mondays, but this one is!


87, Bd Yves Farge
69007 Lyon


3 av Cdt Lherminier


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  1. Don't forget our little Farmers Market near the Albertsons - mangos 2 for 1.00 and lettuce 1.00 and things... sometimes they can be very cheap!


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