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Monday, June 25, 2012

What-what: Fête du Cinéma

Come one, come all, from the poorest students to the most bored executives… it’s now the time of the year for the Fête du Cinéma in France!

The 28th year in action, the Movie Festival takes place from Sunday, June 24th to Wednesday, June 27th ALL OVER FRANCE.

Basically:  With full-priced purchase on Sunday or Monday of film, a special bracelet is given to the movie-goer enabling the chance to see every following movie for the one-price of 2.50€ per movie per seat.  This means all those blockbuster movies you’ve been dying to see, but that ghastly price of 10.50€ are now at a reduced price at the simple presentation of a bracelet.

With over 70 million attendees since 1985, the Fête du Cinéma has enabled young individuals to enjoy screenings without breaking the bank… This is all thanks to support from BNP Paribas, who is offering a week extension to 200 000 lucky participants.

Thus, our film-planning for the week:

Sunday night: Men in Black 3
Monday night: Dark Shadows
Tuesday night: Prometheus
Wednesday night: De rouille et d’os

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