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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Voeux de 2012 (2012 wishes)

First of all, Happy New Year's to all across the globe.. tomorrow marks the beginning of a new year.. and like every new year since I was old enough to write, it's time for my year "wish list", or "to do list".

Shall we?

  1. Redesign blog, since I'm moving out to Paris it is time to change it all up and start fresh!
  2. Blog 3 times a week, I think Monday, Wednesday and Friday sound appropriate..
  3. Find a 'liveable' apartment in Paris
  4. Finish my Master's with at least a 13/20 average
  5. Continue my French practice
  6. Get an awesome Internship and work my butt off for the job
  7. Lose the 10 lbs I lost last year and regained for Christmas
  8. Be an active part of the expatriate community in Paris
  9. Learn how to make Sushi
  10. Invite 'Drunk Kitchen' to film an episode in my tiny apartment in Paris
  11. Watch the episode of House Hunter's International with myself in it
  12. Visit family in September for at least 6 weeks (that'll be reculture shock)
  13. Play Kinect at least 30 minutes a day, if no television in Paris:
  14. Do some yoga or SOMETHING to get butt in shape
  15. Find an awesome job by the end of the year
  16. Build up a professional network in Paris
  17. Clean out closet (get rid of the tons of clothes I have)
  18. Get to the top of the Eiffel Tower
  19. Visit Greece
  20. Get the "Culinary Institute of America" textbook and work through it
  21. Visit the Julia Child "Roo de Loo"
  22. Drink a café in a typical Parisien café
I'm sure I'll think of even more... 2012 holds many opportunities!


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