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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Snow in Lyon

It's finally that magical time in Lyon- tomorrow is December 1st and we are going to welcome it with the first true snow.  It's absolutely freezing outside, creating a beautiful blanket of snow.  I wandered out today, with the intent to purchase a French news journal (for practice) and as I stepped out of my apartment I saw the most amazing coating of snow everywhere.

I decided to profit from my apartment's location and I journeyed over to Bellecour to see the glory of the flurries.  They danced in the sky as I crossed over the square.  People were around me, some with umbrellas (it was really flurryin'!) and some bundled up with the most amount of clothes possible.

The city is absolutely a beautiful place covered in this fluff... it makes everything brighter and almost lifts the spirit.. it brought me into the spirit of noel, that's for sure.  It's not enough to detail with my words... so.. without FURTHER adoooo!

Enjoy the photos!
Outside my door, Rue des Marronniers

la Rue des Marronniers
Velo'vs Covered in Snow
Ferris Wheel.. can you believe the snow just started 2 hours before?!
Louis XIV covered in snow
Brian in the snow!!
Me standing, sock uneven, hat in hand... ohh yaahh
It's freezing outside, and our heating is terrible.  Worse, our windows are 'single pane' so thin.. and our building is very old.. so cold.  To survive we bundle in layers and try to skip from room to room briefly.. living mostly in the living room.

So.  Enjoy the snow.  Stay warm.


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  1. I think bad insulation is a staple of buildings here. I swear mine was made out of swiss cheese (or more likely emmental!). If the tiles on the floor get any colder, I'm going to be able to ice skate soon!


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