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Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Little Lyon

Ah the joy it was when I came across the application for my iPhone My Little Lyon.  Simple interface, cute images, the goal?  Describes things to do around Lyon during these quiet summer months.  It seems like there is little to do, especially when you want to watch your money- but the app has actually lead me into some interesting ideas.

Even better?  The application is also a website available online for non iPhone users: http://www.mylittle.fr/mylittlelyon/

Every day there is a nouveau idée of what to do around the city.  An example?  Picnic from a specialty epicerie who makes a menu of entrée/plat/dessert for the low sum of 9€.

Check out the site to see even more, the best deal that I found on there yet is the free tour of la croix russe told by two actors/comediens.

Called, les visites d'idées, the two gents tell a 'veritable subjective truth' of the Croix Russe.  The best part?  It's absolutely free.  Here is their site: http://www.visitesdidees.blogspot.com/

Bri and I plan to go on the 8th of July, it's going to be great for a Friday night... and because they do it for free it will be absolutely fabulous for our pockets.

My Little Lyon is a fabulous tool for those who live in Lyon and claim, there's nothing to do! Sometimes it just takes a bit of hunting and searching.


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