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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Job Interview & Babyspeaking

Oh joy of all joys, today I had the chance to interview with a real company for a real position.  It's a company based out of Paris that specialises in teaching and working with young children.  If any of you are looking for a job, don't hesitate; it's called "Baby Speaking" and honestly, it's legit.

I found it by chance surfing around, doing the daily toll of trying to find a job or something to do... I already go to school, but as most expatriates from America can understand, it's not "right" if you're not running around constantly busy.  I grew up in a culture where we work full-time as well as going to school.  I already have about 4 years real-world business experience... I need a job.  I've been out of the loop for about a year now, and it is driving me bonkers.  I need to feel that pressure... I mean I didn't specialize in business because it was a random choice, I. Love. To. Work.

I thank the French government for feeding into my lazy addiction.  The French system entitles us to a maximum of a 35 hour work week, obligatory pay for sick time, up to 6 months off for pregnancies- and hey, if you are a student, come to the CAF and we'll subsidize your rent.  You feel depressed?  Get it in writing and you don't have to work this week!

The leisure is gnawing on my brain, my hardened American work ethic is beginning to soften... kind of like the beer belly of ethic.  So.  Even though I had no idea what or who this company was, I sent off my CV and my information in the hopes that I would catch something.

A few months later, I got the call.  Interview set up.  Thursday, 13h30, at a... wait what?  Café?  Okkaayy..

I get there during lunch hour, and it was very busy.  I wandered up to the bar, and flashed my "International Get Your Way" smile and asked the bartender where was the "entretien pour Babyspeaking".. I felt kind of weird asking, but he quickly replied, and pointed in the direction of the guy.  Antoine.  I ordered up a coffee, hung out and listened to the bustle of the café, it was not only my first interview in France, but my first café in the middle of the day experience.  Everyone was shouting out orders of coffees, macarons... one guys ordered up the special.  A table behind me was packed with professionals on lunch hour, sipping their mini coffees and snacking on their salads.  It felt so right, I felt.. like a French worker!

As quickly as they came, my form was filled out, my turn came and it seemed the inevitable end of lunch arrived as well.  Everyone lined the cash register to pay, the bartender all smiles giving discounts to friends, ensuring everyone enjoyed themselves.  Silence filled the café and my interview started.  Poor poor Antoine.  For those who know me, they know I am quite the talker.  Despite my slow down, I found myself rolling out the puns, flashing smiles and being an American.  French interview is less small talk, less smiles and more facts, questions, to the point.  It is almost like meeting your boyfriend's parents for the first time, trying to balance the polite nods, slow response and smiling while not looking crazy.

But let me tell you, this guy is professional all the way.  I filled out my little form, a little weary of the position, but the minute I sat down and talked with Antoine; I was at ease.  He described the company Babyspeaking, it started 2 years ago, he is one of the founders and as it has been a great success in Paris, they are now looking to expand to Lyon.  He obliged my big American smiles and even my quips (which were not laughed at.. I was hoping for at least a smirk) and politely answered my questions.

The position is simple, a babysitter or nanny.  You work directly with families, you babysit their child but you do it in English.  The less French you speak, the better!  The pay is very lucrative and I say it's gonna be a success.. We discussed, and, of course, it'll start slow... but as time goes on and that whole "word of mouth" spreads, this company is gonna make it.

If you want to apply you can either go directly to their site (state me as a reference, it'll look even better), or email me and I'll pass along your information.

Job starts in early January, based in Lyon, great pay, great founders... really its legit!



  1. That's awesome Sash!! Who knew you'd move to France and get a job speaking English! Very cool!

  2. I think you mean "leary", not weary. What a great blog post~ and actually, this sounds like a business you would have envisioned a couple of years ago when you were working at the Children's Museum. It would work great here in the US too, but you can't find young sweet people that like to work with children that speak anything other than Spanish.

  3. i just applied to this company! this was definitely a helpful post :)


  4. AnonymousJuly 03, 2012

    Thanks for this post, I wasn't sure if it was legit, it's good to know it is! - AnotherAmericanAbroad


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