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Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Resolutions

Every year we all make those promises that often we never keep.  I am more of a 'multiple resolution' type person and tend to make very specific lists of goals for the upcoming year.  Some of them are so specific, but some are general.  It makes me feel good knowing a new year is here and everything starts fresh in 2011.

  1. Lose the 10 lbs I probably gained during French Christmas
  2. Start walking fast..
  3. Start jogging..
  4. Start running..
  5. Try to do some yoga videos a few times a week
  6. Learn a complicated French recipe
  7. Invite a group of 5 to the apartment for dinner
  8. Try to buy veggies at marché as much as possible..
  9. Going with #8, try to get up at normal hours
  10. Pay closer attention to my friends
  11. Do a good job for my new job
  12. Try to keep apartment in suitable condition for living
  13. Go on a Beaujolais tour
  14. Try to go for brisk evening walk after dinner with Brian each night
  15. Get into a Master's program and get visa renewed
  16. Take more pictures to share with family
  17. Replace the toilet paper when it runs out- I never do.
  18. Try to pay the basics and then.. pay off my credit cards
  19. Learn a new dance
  20. Get into one of those fancy French clubs
  21. Plan something epic for our 2 year anniv'
  22. Try some new French cheese
  23. Totally shop at the marchés, veggie market, boucheries, boulangeries and fromageries... no more American shopping!
  24. Call my brother back in the States at least 4-5 times a week
  25. Study my French more often and make an effort to speak 'en Français' with Bri
  26. Make more unique meals
  27. Write all the books that I've been keeping in my head
  28. Write more advice columns and get back on board with the daily bloggin'!
I'll stop at 28 to avoid a total explosion of resolutions.. I have such big plans for 2011, but the first priority is to finish 2010; Christmas is in a couple of days and I guarantee that it's gonna be a biggin' this year.

What are you resolving to do in 2011 in Lyon?


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