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Sunday, May 22, 2011

What_What: M Ton Marché

By chance I was watching the local Lyonnais channel TLM when I came across this totally awesome movement via the web (hosted of course by our lovely Rhone Commerce center) that puts the positive back on marchés.

Seeing how people usually avoid the marché at a young age, especially for the following reasons:

  1. Getting up at 10am is physically impossible for many students;
  2. Only old people shop the marché;
  3. Everything is more expensive at the marche;
  4. What's the point?
Well, there is a big point of going to the marché, and the region here is trying to show why.  M Ton Marché is a play on words, which goes to say, Aimes Ton Marché.  Means love your market, and in order to do this they have created a website by the same name.  M Ton Marché is going to become a sort of profile on the markets in the Rhone Alpes region, an exposé that puts the positive back in balader du marché.

I'm always amazed at the negative context surrounding the markets in France.  I see tons of young people walking around with carrefour or Lidl sacs, believing they have saved a load of money.  In reality, by smart shopping and buying in season we can eat more vegetables and fruits, create a relationship with our food and appreciate the effort even more.

France is meant to be the one place that shopping for the food is still an art and a pleasure.  You have your lovely wicker basket, you look lovingly at your French lover and ask for a kilo of tomatoes.  It's a fantastic experience as roasted chickens waft in the air, the smell of fresh produce entices your appetite.

Lidl sacs or wicker baskets?  I choose basket.

M Ton Marché is available, but definitely needs some continuing work.  Soon there will be profiles on our favorite producer's (I hope for the dairy guy, the chicken dude and my shouting fruity dude).  They will explain the different areas of the marché, which is difficult as the marché tends to change weekly..

In the mean time.. here's my marché map..

Afficher Lyon Markets & Épiceries (Lyon, France) sur une carte plus grande

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