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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Advice: Search for the Perfect Wine Shop

Everyone in France has a wine person, either they know someone who is a personal distributor or they go to a local wine shop for advice and recommendations.  In December I wrote a little piece regarding the importance of pairing wine with food and how the French adore their wines.  It's even okay for a pregnant woman to have a glass a day during pregnancy, but they warn, no hard alcohol.

It's for this reason I began hunting around Lyon for a wine ship, while Nicholas is a great place to start I find it a bit corporate and McDonald's chain like for my tastes.  I needed to find a shop with the quintessential fabricator dancing around, red in the cheeks from drinking his own stock.  While I see many of these clochard type people laying around Perrache drinking straight from bottles of Vin Ordinaire- I couldn't find that type of a wine guy in a shop, until I discovered Bon Vins de France.

I had it on my marché map for a long time and was excited to finally make a stop to see what the hubbub was all about.  The instant I walked in I felt as though I was in some old man's cave du vin and then as I looked past the shelves I saw the little old man I had wanted to meet; he waddled over to me about half my size and smiled with a pupkin-mouthed toothless grin.

Je peux vous aider?

I smiled at him.  While most people would be afraid or worried, I could see he know the product and he knew wine.  The best thing was that they (him and his wife) worked side-by-side and sold not only specialty wines but their own brew for a little 1.20€ a litre.  Not great for eating, but great for cooking with or taking to a quick picnic.  He waited for me to respond and I looked around,

En fait, je cherche une bouteille du Champagne pour un fête.

He nodded and quickly ushered me to the back of the shop towards the array of champagnes and began explaining the difference bottles, some were more 'bubbly' than others and some were more fine in the taste than the rest.  I ended up taking a beautiful bottle for 17€ and thanked him graciously for his advice.  He grinned his toothless smile and his wife wrapped up my bottle to look beautiful for my little dinner.

I looked back and he waddled off to tend to his wine bottles, swinging serviette in tow.  His wife waved once more and I headed out.

Definitely the perfect little wine shop for me.

If you want to go:
Bon Vins de France
11 Rue Aimé Collomb
69003 Lyon

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