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Thursday, July 8, 2010

French Markets...

I'm trying to create a plan of all the markets to see in Lyon... but DAMN it's a trial.

I'm working through the "les marchés" part of the Lyon city website and I'm realizing how much of a multitude there is.  As lame as it sounds I am enjoying putting together a map of the best places to purchase food around the city.

This city is so full of amazing places to go and buy food.  For example, there are like 4-5 asian stores I found and I know from living with my mom that that's the best place to buy coconut milk or spring roll wrappers or even wonton wrappers.  There are butcher's that have a range of fresh meats, cheese stores with the rank smell of rotting milk, spice shops that are filled with caskets of curries and dried herbs that overwhelm the senses.

I will say simply that I am in heaven because I am a foodie- Lyon is not the place for Americans to go and be "fashionable" nor the place for Americans to try and be "eurotrash" it's the perfect place for people who love to cook and eat!

My map is here:

View Food Shopping & Épiceries around Lyon, France in a larger map
As you can see it's a work in progress but one that is FULL of information. Every icon has a meaning, so below I'll explain a little bit:

<-- Means an asian or middle eastern store, specialized for things like cheap rice, cheap spices (just two days ago I bought 100 grams of curry spice for only 2€!), lots of dried fruits and pita bread.
This one is boulangeries, which in France are abundant.  I started adding some but then stopped myself because I realizes there's one every city block (kinda like Starbucks in Portland)  --> 

<-- Means a public market, or a "marché" in French.  Each icon represents a new market, but the hours are listed within the icon... so every location as different numbers of "stalls" and different hours daily.  Most are from 6am to only 1:30pm... so I have to get my butt outta bed for it.
This one is charcuteries... we don't have this in America so basically it's like a little shop specializing in dried or fresh pork products- think pepperoni of the Gods type thing.  There's also specialized "patés" and such, often eaten before the main dish in France.. Lyon is known for it's usage of pork.
<-- This is the butcher's icon which is where one can buy freshly butchered meats from baby cow to chickens.  A bit more expensive but the quality supercedes the price.  Amazing.

The other icons are self explanatory, the alcoholic beverage representing a wine shop... the cheese representing a cheese shop- the simplified icon of the jug and apple representing the American style super market.
Incredibly the abundance of markets creates something to see, touch and smell every day. 

In other news I almost got scammed when I was looking for apartments in Lyon.  These dudes are really sneaky... the link is here:  Scammy Apartment.

Basically it's supposedly this grandiose apartment with a beautiful balcony and all the lovely adornments and a nice kitchen.  It's supposed to be on "Rue de Seze" which is up near the Parc.  It's only 650€ a month!  I was so excited so I emailed... and the email I got back was asking for more personal information... no harm in giving my name and number!... but then.. the next response was really weird.

It said we could see it on Saturday, but with a lawyer.  Brian said the French was terrible and it was a total scam, sure enough we googled some of the key phrases and it turned out.. yup.  Scam.

No worries though because we have the apartment that I wanted in the bag and will be signing the contract on Monday...

Still.  In France those scammers are goooood.

Today we're going to go to a little wine store that I saw one day by chance that listed a wine for 1.30€... heck yes!  Then we'll be heading home to pack a picnic and eat at "Parc de la Tête D'or" aka "Park of the Golden Head".  On the way we'll grab a crusty baguette and a gooey cheese to go along with our fresh chicken salad- it'll be a good night.

We'll take some pictures today so we can share them... :)

I love France.

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  1. Was it REALLY a scam? I still wonder about that. Sure it's not someone that was using googletranslate? The attorney thing was weird though. But maybe it was a friend that spoke french. I guess we will never know...


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