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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Current Event: Tunisia is Free!

If you were in the center of Lyon yesterday you would have seen two things: A huge amount of people raiding 'les soldes' and a large amount of Tunisian immigrants marching through the street.  The soldes is normal, considering the drop of prices in products, but the Tunisians is a celebration of the end of a regime in Tunisia.

Since the 1980's, Tunisia has been known for their strict rules/dictatorship government.  People in Tunisia didn't have many rights allowed to them and outsiders were often harassed or harmed when trying to photograph/film these issues.  Things only got worse when their 'dictator' decided that he would not relenquish his power over the state until 2014, meaning, he would stay in power with his strict rules, for another 3 years.  Outcries began when Ben Ali instated a strict curfew of 6pm to 6am (no one in the street).

Following this event, two days ago, the country rose up against the ruler and threw him out of power... more like he decided to concede his ruling and run away.  Right now, Tunisia is finally free; which is why yesterday thousands of immigrants from Tunisia were in the streets of France celebrating the freedom of the country.  If you see 'Tunisian' flags or pride around- now you know why... and it's a big issue in France because this country used to be ran by France (much like much of Northern Africa and Algeria) so the politics are tied into the country.

Now you know, so if anyone asks you if you heard what happened in Tunisia you can nod and say, 'Mais OUI!'


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